Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment for your business

Since 1st October 2006 and the introduction of the Fire Safety (Regulatory Reform) order it has been a legal requirement for UK businesses to undertake a fire risk assessment.

All our assessors are fully qualified and undertake continuous professional development.

Assessments take a three-step format:

Fire Risk Assessment Form Fire Alarm YorkStep 1
A site visit and compilation of all relevant data.

Step 2
Production of Fire Risk Assessment / fire-safety management documentation.

Step 3
Site re-visit to discuss outcomes of report and a plan for any actions highlighted.

Pricing is totally bespoke and dependant upon several factors e.g. size of premises, number of staff, specific site hazards etc.

Give us a call and after answering a few simple questions we can give you an immediate quotation for a fire risk assessment for your premises.