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York Fire Alarms are a local fire safety company with over thirty years’ experience. Commercially businesses must meet UK fire safety legislation – The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005. The owner / managing director is ultimately responsible for fire safety within an organisation. Delegation is no excuse in the eyes-of-the-law. A decision must be made as to whether you need a fire alarm and the result of a mandatory fire risk assessment will tell you that. However, it’s estimated that 98% of businesses in the UK would require a fire alarm system. If you can shout “Fire” and be heard in every room, above the ambient noise then maybe you don’t need one … but nine times out of ten you do.

The law states that you must use a competent installer but how do you prove that? Well the easiest way is third-party certification such as the BAFE SP203 modular scheme. Be wary though of companies saying they work to BAFE standards (about as kosher as an email from a Nigerian Prince requesting your bank details!). Look for a company that is BAFE approved and that’s your compliance handled.

We are BAFE approved and can design a system to any BS5839-1:2017 categories: L5, L4, L3, L2, L1, P2 and P1. Which all sounds very complicated but we’re good at making the complex simple and you compliant.

We can also provide ongoing servicing and maintenance.

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